Policy Analysis: Evaluating Policy Performance

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Table of Contents :

  1. Ethics and Values in Policy Analysis 
    • Thinking about Values 
    • Ethics and Metaethics 
    • Standards of Conduct 
  2. Descriptive Ethics, Normative Ethics and Metaethics 
    • Descriptive Value Typologies 
    • Developmental Value Typologies 
    • Normative Theories 
    • Metaethical Theories
  3. Evaluation in Policy Analysis 
    • The Nature of Evaluation 
    • Functions of Evaluation 
    • Criteria for Policy Evaluation 
  4. Approaches to Evaluation 
    • Pseudo-evaluation 
    • Formal Evaluation 
    • Varieties of Formal Evaluation 
    • Decision-Theoretic Evaluation 
  5. Methods For Evaluation

A strong public policy analysis focus on:

  1. To distinguish policy outcomes, impacts, processes, and inputs 
  2. Compare and contrast social systems accounting, social experimentation, social auditing, and research and practice syntheses 
  3. To describe and illustrate criteria for evaluating policy performance 
  4. To contrast decision-theoretic evaluation and metaevaluation 
  5. To distinguish values, ethics and metaethics 

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